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Cottages to Castles is now offering FREE site evaluations!

The purpose of a site evaluation is to accurately determine how to develop your new home site. The goal is to plan your new home site in such a way as to ensure your enjoyment and to maximize the value of the property at the lowest cost. This is especially helpful in determining the total investment required to construct your new home.

Brian will visit your site to evaluate the conditions such as elevation changes, wetlands, soil conditions, vegetation etc. Brian can make recommendations considering your desires and goals with the particular characteristics of your property. He will make suggestions on the location and design of driveways, tree removal and locations of utilities, etc. He will suggest the proper location of your new home, determine type of foundation and drainage requirements etc. Brian also has vast experience with zoning, permit, and code requirements and can suggest ways to avoid special variance meetings. He will suggest ways to assure an approval if a variance is needed. A site evaluation will help you avoid the costly over-runs associated with a poorly planned project. It is also valuable to you if you are considering a purchase of a new home site. When considering the purchase of a piece of property make your offer subject to an "acceptable" Builders site evaluation. Contact me to schedule a visit to your site and to help you determine the investment to improve the site to your desire. If there are unsatisfactory conditions or costs to develop and improve the site this will give you the opportunity to negotiate better terms or escape a potential disaster!

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