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Custom Stick Built Homes in Iron River, MI Cottages to Castles’ reputation as one of Northern Wisconsin’s and Upper Michigan’s top custom home builders are the result of many factors. In addition to the great people and excellent products we offer is our commitment to be flexible and to offer more than one building system.

Many times the design of a customer’s home will not allow it to be built in a factory setting. Often a homeowner’s site does not have enough room for the equipment necessary to “set” factory built modules on the foundation. Many times the homeowner desires to finish some of the home, perhaps installing wall finishes, cabinets etc. This is known as “sweat equity” and allows the homeowner to save money as well as share in the experience of creating their home.

The building system that works best for the homeowner in these situations is to construct the home with the traditional method of “stick building” or “site building”. The process starts out the same as the process we use to design and build modular home projects. We invest the time to design the perfect home utilizing our computer aided drafting program. We analyze the homeowner’s needs and site requirements and make recommendations on how to develop the building site. Proper planning assures maximum value and enjoyment of the property at the lowest cost.

We work very closely with our customers to establish realistic and accurate allowances during the preliminary pricing stage. We continue to be sensitive to their desires and steer them to the selections that please them as well as meet our building budget.

Stick Built and Home Remodeling in Iron River, MI Instead of relying on the Stratford Homes factory to engineer, expedite and construct the home Cottages to Castles controls the project completely from our design center and office. We work closely with lumber yards, sub-contractors and suppliers to make sure all of our components are high quality and purchased at the lowest price. Before anything can be ordered we obtain individual quotes from each one of our preferred subcontractors assuring our customer of a properly designed and engineered new home. Emphasis on energy efficiency, quality, new technology, and proper construction procedures provide a comfortable, predictable and enjoyable building experience for our clients.

We use digital photos to create a building log that gets passed on to the customer as the project progresses. This simple technology has been very helpful in providing our customers with a worry free home building experience. A good number of our clients live in other parts of the country and are not on site much of the time. It has been our experience that constant communication is a key element in helping our customers relax the same way as if they were on site daily or weekly. Strict quality control from start to finish and attention to detail during the entire process guarantees a home you will be proud of for many years to come.

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