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Cottages to Castles can build your dream home

The First Step to making your new home dreams a reality is a visit to our Design Center. We will guide you through the building process from start to finish by first using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) to customize a floor plan that will fit your unique style.

Cottages to Castles is partnered with Stratford Homes

Once your plans are finalized, construction begins at the Stratford Homes Factory where the key is their advanced modular construction method which produces a strongly built home. Your home is “stick-built” in their facility just as if it was constructed from scratch on your foundation. Each step of the process is closely controlled under ideal conditions and thoroughly inspected to ensure that it exceeds building code requirements.

Materials cut to exact fit ensure the beginning of your quality constructed, custom-built home. Sidewalls are glued and power-nailed under pressure to the floor system adding strength. All roof trusses are computer engineered and custom-designed for your home.

Custom Build Homes in Iron River MI

Once the basic structure of a mod is complete, experts in venting, plumbing, wiring and insulation begin their work.

Modular Home Builder in Iron River MI

Your creativity will not end at the customizing of your floor plan, it will continue to all of the details like doors, trim, fixtures, windows and custom cabinetry.

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Windows, shingles and siding are installed before the modules are ready to be transported to your site. Stratford Homes offers you a top-of-the-line selection of vendors and products to fit the vision you have for your home.

Modular Home Builders in Iron River MI

Cottages to Castles will take care of every step of the building process of your home. While your modules are being constructed in Stratford’s factory, we are taking care of the site work such as clearing the land, installing septic and well systems, laying a foundation and preparing it for the arrival of your new home.

Modular Home Builders in Iron River MI

When the finished modules are ready to be moved to your location, they are tightly weather wrapped and loaded onto trucks. When they arrive, they are then lifted by crane and precisely placed onto your prepared foundation where the finishing work will take place.

Modular Home Builders in Iron River MI

The finishing touches such as a custom deck and garage are added after the modules have been securely set in place. The result is a custom designed, quality built Stratford Home that will essentially be your Dream Home.

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